The Newest Olympic Sport: Social Media Influence

With the XXX Summer Olympics at around half way done now, a mid competition analysis of some of the biggest stories seems to be appropriate. The world has been wowed by Michael Phelps earning the top spot as the most decorated athlete, while USA basketball has absolutely dominated. But, possibly one of the biggest stories out there is the significantly larger presence of social media and the internet than any other Olympics to date. So much in fact, that the Olympics Committee had to place restrictions on content and how athletes interacted with fans through social media sites. There have even been two athletes banned from the games this year for posting things deemed inappropriate by the Committee.

Despite all of the controversy and interest following the social aspect of the Games, there has still been a huge amount of interaction from athletes on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. So much so, that Kred scores have been given, along with medals, to the most influential athletes at this year’s games. Kred scores are given based on influence and outreach that an athlete has, including their generosity in terms of replying to fans. With no surprise, Lebron James and Michael Phelps take the top spots with gold and silver, respectively. While Hope Solo rounds out the list of the top three at bronze.

Check out the infographic to see other athletes and how influential they are in the social world.


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