The Inverted Pyramid Writing Style

When writing content on the web, a good rule of thumb is to use the inverted pyramid technique, also known as Bottom Line Up Front.  This entails putting your most important point as the title and first paragraph of text in your article, and the supporting details towards the end.  Be sure to capture the attention of your users’ right at the beginning of your page, so that way they don’t need to scroll down to get the main points of your article. On the web, people tend to jump from page to page on websites, so you want to catch their attention right away.

Benefits for Readers

If a user likes what they see in your article from the beginning, they are more likely to bookmark it and read the rest of the article later. Or, if they are using a mobile phone, they can see the main point of the article and email it to themselves to read later on.


There have also been eye tracking studies that show the behavior of web users – they focus mainly on the very beginning of a page only. When a reader reads a magazine article or a book, the expectation that the reading may take a long time is already set. On the web, the expectations are not exactly the same. Web readers like quick but complete thoughts. More people are on the go all the time and want information as quickly as possible, plus on the web,  there are a lot of other competing tag lines, images, and advertisements that may take their attention away.

That is why you want to use the inverted pyramid writing style, where you write in a manner where the conclusion comes first and the details follow. If a user chooses not to read the page completely, at least the main thought of the whole page was already read before they bounce away.

Benefits for Search Engines- Keyword Prominence

Keyword prominence refers to the distance of the target keyword from the very beginning of the source content. The closer the target keywords are to the beginning of the page, the better the page will rank for these keywords. This rule does not only apply to the page as a whole, but also within individual HTML tags and parts of a page, such as in the HTML title tag, the meta tags, header tags, and the beginning of the main content.

Therefore, keep the inverted pyramid in mind and not only will your web visitors appreciate it, but you’ll also see improvements in rankings.

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