The Internet Is Driving Business for Companies in the United States

New data shows that the impact of the Internet is very powerful, increasing the successes of not only ecommerce companies but also businesses that operate in physical locations as well. The Internet is being used more and more as the primary source to find information. With so much of it available about every subject imaginable, it is no surprise that people head online to discover what their next destination, meal or purchase may be. The best Internet marketing companies serve to drive new business to companies by attracting people through search engine optimization. The research shows that ninety-seven percent of Americans log onto the Internet from their phone or computer to determine what to buy or where to buy something that they are looking for.


It is no secret that the constantly increasing use of the Internet significantly boosted the success of ecommerce and has made the industry into what it is today. The less obvious result of the spike in usage is the revenue that it has brought to local businesses without online stores. Recent studies have indicated that many shoppers do their research online before heading to the local retail locations of the company to make the actual purchase.

Google works to drive this success, enabling companies to thrive through their online presence. Google puts its search and advertising programs to good use to connect companies with their consumers, instigating higher performance, provide profits to content publishers, among many other benefits. Google reports that in 2011 its search and ad tools created eighty billion dollars of economic profits for 1.8 million advertisers, publishers and nonprofits. These results should please SEM companies as they constantly strive to provide companies with better search results and ensure that consumers find the information they need when they need it.

The success of the Internet is also having a very important influence on the American economy. The job market is improving thanks to the fact that companies with new online activity are attracting new customers and generating new sources of sales. This leads to increased hiring and continuous growth.

It would be interesting to see research about how much local businesses with new websites see increases in revenue through search engine optimization and social media marketing packages. If simply creating an online presence can be such a monumental success for brick and mortar businesses, who knows what can come from a full treatment of internet promotion.

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