The Importance of Long Tail Keywords For SEO

Long tail keyword terms are several keywords grouped together as a search string into the search engines. Typically they are 4 keywords or more. The more long tail keywords that you have ranking, the higher chances you have to gain converting organic search traffic. From keyword research you can find many long tail keyword variations.  Whether you are optimizing an existing website or building a new one, you should choose keywords to focus on that are consistent with the content of your web pages as well as your website theme. An example of the evolvement of a keyword phrase is listed below:

General word: Casino
More targeted words: Casino in Oklahoma
Long tail keyword phrase: Blackjack Casino in Lawton Oklahoma

Since millions of websites will be competing for the term “casino”, we’ll need to be more specific. By adding the state after “casino” it is a better phrase.  The long tail term though, goes a step further and includes the type of game that a user might be searching for, as well as the word “casino” and the specific city.

There are many differences to note between long tail keyword terms and the general one or two word terms.  For instance, search volume. Search volume will be much higher for the more general terms than the long-tail terms, but over time the searches for the long tail variations will add up, and you’ll start seeing that in your Analytics. Speaking of variations, you are limiting yourself if you only focus on one or two word terms because there is no keyword diversity there. With the long tail, if users change the order of the phrase a bit, you still have a high chance of ranking high for that term as well.

While the traffic volume for the general terms will be much larger, you stand a much higher chance of ranking well for specific or long tail terms. So, this shows that ranking well for some long tail terms is better than not ranking at all for a general term. The long tail searchers are much more likely to convert   as well because they are very specific in what they are searching for. Your competition will be much smaller for long tail terms, and you will see that it is much easier to get the number one or two position in the search engines for long tail terms.

Long Term SEO Goals

You want to always keep in mind that long term goal for your SEO campaign will be to have much more organic traffic from search engines as well as having many  keyword terms ranking high in the search engine result pages. If you keep the long tail in mind as you add content to your website and in your SEO strategy, it will help to achieve those goals.

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