The Impact of Internet Marketing on Valentine’s Day

After the sea of chocolate wrappers, heart shaped cards, bouquets of flower, and listening to “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston fifty times, comes the inevitable Valentine’s day hangover. While some people may never want to search the words Valentine’s day again, Google has provided some very interesting consumer insights regarding Valentine’s day 2012.

According to a recent consumer insights study from Google, Valentine’s day searches have increased 35% from 2011, with an expected $210B for web-influenced sales in 2012. What does this mean for local businesses? First, it means that V-Day is a giant vertical with plenty of profits to capitalize. Second, it means that since more consumers are using search engines for information, as a local business, you may want to reach out to an internet marketing company and begin optimizing for Valentine’s day keywords for 2013.

Key Search Insights

With all that money going toward gifts and activities for your loved ones, the top performing product categories are as expected. They are jewelry, dining, and flowers [respectively]. The shocking trend is the ratio of spending between men and women on Valentine’s day. The average man spends about $158 while the average woman spends just about half of that at $75. Another surprising find is that consumers are researching gift ideas about two days earlier than last year. So in a nutshell, if more consumers are taking the time to plan and conduct research, researching earlier, and most likely buying what they researched; then wouldn’t it make sense as a business to utilize a search engine optimization agency to drive searches toward your website?

Top Performing Internet Retailers

In late January 2012, SEO research company, Conductor analyzed over 1,700 high-volume local and non-location specific keywords, to determine domains that appeared most frequently for Valentine’s day queries. To the right is an infographic they have provided which sums up their findings. To no surprise has dominated local searches for both gift and activity related terms. However, travel review site was close behind. On the non-geographic side, and exceeded others for “gifts” searches.

From the findings in the research we can see the impact that internet marketing has on holidays such as Valentine’s day. In a society where consumers are begininning to utilize search more and more often, it is all the more important to optimize your websites so that it drives traffic and achieves conversions. For the small local florist who doesn’t get much exposure during the year, come Valentine’s day 2013, this could be the make or break effort for your business. Please share with us your thoughts regarding the holiday search frenzy. Will this trend continue?

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