The Growth of the 100th Million Google+ Users

Back on January 19th, Larry Page of Google noted that their social networking site Google+ had reached the 90 million user mark. Now, Paul Allen, a “unofficial statistician” for Google posts that the membership has grown more than 10% since then. By the end of today, Google+ is on mark for a whopping 100.8 million users. That means sometime today maybe you could be that 100th million member.

So what has contributed to Google+ recent growth? Earlier we heard about the Google plus Your World, a program where Google+ integrated company search results with daily search results. This may have convinced companies to utilize Google+ toward more of a business standpoint. Another intriguing scenario is the move to open the network doors to teenagers. Google+ started with restriction that only 18+ may join, since then Google+ has set the age limit to those 13 years or older – which has presumably gained a larger share in the younger audience.

Timeline Deadline

Another interesting factor is Facebook’s movement toward a universal Timeline. The widespread mandatory Timeline may have forced Facebook users to switch platforms and move toward the Google+ network. This is still taking affect so the real results of this won’t be seen till later.

Facebook or Google+ take your pick. We all know that this battle still has years and years of great competition ahead of these social media sites,  but who do you think will prevail?


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