The Future of Mobile Marketing

Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing are making giant leaps forward each year as our technology grows.  At the current Taiwan HologramInternational Invention Show, a new cell phone is displayed on the right with a hologram displayed above it. This is the future if I have ever seen it. This was shown at the HoloAD booth.  Other countries already have video conferencing on their cell phones and Asia is a good 5 years ahead of the US with their cell phone technology because their networks are better. It will be interesting to see what new products we see in the states as carriers roll out their 4G networks this year.  Could you imagine your mother calling you and all of a sudden a hologram of her pops out of your phone.  This is what I thought the future would be when I used to watch the Jetsons as a kid.  Very cool stuff.  Could we possibly replace text messaging with hologram marketing. Anything seems possible now.


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