The Fancy Takes Pinning To The Shopping Cart

The Fancy, the new social Pinterest-like startup company, wants users to not only pin what you like, but shop for it too. The startup announced its partnership with Zaarly on Monday, which is a location-based marketplace where members post items and services for sale. The Fancy users will be directed to relevant items and services on Zaarly based on what they show interest in. Zaarly also provides branded items on its site.

The Shopping Component Boosts Internet Marketing Efforts

The Fancy encourages users to save pictures of destinations, clothing, food, etc. and the main difference is that the site wants you to purchase the items you “fancy.” For example, pinning your favorite food item might direct you to a local restaurant that offers something similar. Because Zaarly is primarily for local services, there is a great opportunity for Internet marketers to really focus on geotargeting relevant products and services to show up in the site’s marketplace.

A representative for The Fancy says, “With Zaarly, the barriers to entry for commerce on The Fancy are much lower. Anyone with the time and energy can now become a merchant through our platform. And with The Fancy, they can see where there is demand.” One of the goals for The Fancy is to connect its users with talented people on Zaarly to supple unique items and services.

So far, The Fancy claims it has generated more than $50,000 a week in merchandise and travel purchased through the site. Do you think that The Fancy’s partnership with Zaarly will prove to be the next Internet craze?

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