Optimize Your Website – Split Testing

You’ve created a great website!  So you think, but your website analytics reveal a high bounce rate.  The question at hand is: WHY?  Have you optimized your website effectively for your audience?  When you optimize your website it is wise to approach it with a strategy.  One thing to remember is: it’s all trial and error.  Another question to ask yourself is: Are you giving your visitors what they’re looking for?  This is very difficult to gauge especially if you do not have a full scale in-house marketing team to analyze your target market’s behavior.

So lets talk Split Testing.  Split testing is a process to test the effectiveness and conversion potential for variations of the following:

  • Different elements on a web page (multi-variate) – i.e. forms, call to action buttons, images, headliners, content, color etc.
  • Web pages (A/B) i.e. landing pages
  • Complete websites (A/B) i.e. re-design

Split testing equally randomizes each variation.  It will tell you how many times the variation was visited and how many conversions were met for each variation.  The results will show which of the variations has a better chance for conversions.

Split testing is the easiest way to optimize your website.  It does not require in depth technical know how.  It’s also easy on the budget.  For example, before investing on a complete web page change ensure to test out different pieces of the page for what works and not works.  This will save you time and money of having to redo the work again.  There are additional benefits to split testing:

  • You’ll understand your target market’s website behavior and what you need to convey on your website even more!
  • Eliminates the guest work on what converts better for a Split Testing provides stats and numbers.
  • Lessens episodes of hells kitchen of having too many cooks in the kitchen.
  • Find trouble spots on your website.
  • and importantly maximize your conversion rates!

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