The Cost of SEO

The cost of SEO services is a painful topic for almost all businesses that want an internet marketing campaign. When browsing for search engine optimization services one would think the best place to start would be on your favorite search engine. How do you qualify the companies you find? Some have starting SEO prices around just a couple hundred, others have minimums of thousands of dollars. All of the other marketing services you buy for your company range anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars every month. Why would you spend any less on your internet marketing strategy?

You can spend $400 a month but you have to really look into what the company is going to offer you. Search engine optimization is a very popular service to offer and there are numerous choices, but how would you know which company will offer you the best service? One thing to remember is that the price nearly always reflects the quality of the service you get.

Make sure to always do extensive research on what the company can offer. The general rule, however, is that professional services cost a lot, and the investment required for a search engine optimization depends on many factors.

1.    The accessibility of the website (can search engines see it and read the content?)
2.    The technological complexity of your website and design (is the website built in flash?)
3.    Internal linking (linking within your site from one page to another)
4.    The number and popularity of keywords you are targeting
5.    The competitiveness of your business on the Internet
6.    Amount of content added to your website each month
7.    Social Networking

However we offer viable options depending upon your budget and our cost is determined by your marketing goals. Whether you want to have a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign for specific key terms or Organic Search Engine Optimization we have many different packages for each client. With Internet Marketing Inc. you’re paying for the knowledge that brings you a return on investment as well as for the results.

– Ceci & Eldar


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