Innovative Companies Changing The World

Today businesses have become part of our daily lives, help us get through the day, and have become intertwined into our society. Companies today affect our culture, how we behave socially, and what we expect from the next big thing. Some of these companies we see everyday around us but take their presence for granted. Many times we don’t even realize how innovative some companies are becoming, ranging from health care advances to internet marketing management. We all know Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Foursquare, and Twitter are industry powerhouses and Einsteins of innovation. I don’t need to tell you they are at the top of the innovation leaderboard. We all know what they have done for users and the online marketing company community. But these are just a few of the many companies changing the world around us. I will highlight a few of the rather unnoticed innovators.

Tencent: Instant messaging used to be dominated by AOL, but since AOL’s reign, the market has become fragmented. However, in China, Tencent, an IM portal, has risen as dominant. Taking over the China IM market, it has expanded to games, apps and more to resemble a Western Style. Tencent makes over $1 Billion a quarter and is now pushing West in the App Store. Not too shabby.

Life Technologies: Scared about another pandemic outbreak? Don’t worry, Life Technologies have our back. Their Ion Torrent uses innovative technology to let scientists map out the genes from the strain in three days. Other technologies would take a couple weeks. And oh yeah, the biowares industry is expected to hit $30 billion in a few years.

SolarCity: Everyone is looking towards green solutions, and SolarCity is taking advantage of this. SolarCity is a solar panel provider for businesses, government buildings, and residential homes. But they don’t just manufacture the panels; they design them, install them, and maintain them, a brilliant business plan for transitioning companies into a new technology.

HBO: With Netflix’s price increases and Hulu’s failures, HBO’s HBO Go has risen as a leading mobile TV service.Users can stream any episode from their library for free. This makes HBO the comprehensive mobile service for television.

Tesla Motors: You’ve probably already heard of the sporty, sleek Tesla Roadster, but now Tesla Motors has begun production of their Model X. Their Model X is a family sedan capable of seating seven. Yes, a fully electric family sedan. Their leading battery technology is pushing them forward to profitability.

Dropbox: Even with Apple and Google as competitors, Dropbox continues to grow. Their revenue has reporter to be over $100 million in 2011. Dropbox allows you to upload a document online and update it anywhere from any computer.

LegalZoom: Law firms make a killing off easy work by drafting wills, incorporations, and divorces that are uncontested for example. LegalZoom has put these documents online into easy-to-use online forms. They also offer online consulting. LegalZoom is successfully shaking the legal market powerhouse.

Chipotle: A fast food chain can be rank among the best innovators? Yes, chipotle has taken on a counterculture to fast food marketing. Much of fast food marketing rather distorts the truth. Chipotle tells customers what exactly is inside their food. This is successfully because they truly use quality ingredients. Their annual revenue of $2.2 billion should be enough proof that this approach works.

These are just a few of the many great innovative companies in our market today.  It is truly great to see innovation work toward better business. The next big thing could be anything from a SEM company to a online shoe retailer.We can only look forward to better innovation on the way

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