Taking Care of Your Blog

So I have a blog. It’s a personal blog, where I go every now and then and drop silly little stories from my life and entertain readers or post a song I’ve written or a picture that tickles my fancy. I used to update it every few days. Now I update it, oh, once a month. While my blog isn’t important though – your company’s is. Blogs need to be consistently maintained and updated, preferably every few days and ideally, every day. Internet Marketing Inc posts several blogs a day. As the intern, I come in every other day and see the many blogs we have posted since I last came in, and I am left thinking, “Wow. Wow, that’s a lot. We’ve a lot to say.” But that’s good. Blogs allow for more personal communication with clients and others interested in marketing and networking.

However, the blog needs to be correlated with other forms of social media. Internet Marketing Inc has a Facebook, a Linked In, and four other social media websites. We’re working on getting our new blog entries to show up on all our social media sites shortly after each blog post goes up. Keep your blog updated regularly, but make sure that your other means of social media don’t fall too far behind. All your sites should appear as a cohesive whole, referencing back to your company’s homepage and reflecting comparative content.

So make sure to feed your blog!

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