Tailored Trends Shrinks Twitter World

The Twitter news feed is probably where you get the latest news as a result of busy conversations that are “trending” on the social site. Viral stories develop as people tweet a topic that suddenly becomes a trending hashtag or term to click and learn more about. This is how people learn about stuff that they otherwise would have missed thanks to Twitter Trends. However, the new Tailored Trends introduced by Twitter almost a month ago is showing users results only within their own social bubble.

What does this mean?

Tailored Trends is a recalibration of the old Twitter Trends algorithm that is designed to customize trends based on your location and who you follow on Twitter. This change is now the new norm on every member’s homepage and has changed user’s results with most people not even realizing it. Now users are only seeing Trends that relate directly to them rather than the tweeting activities of the world at large.

Before Tailored Trends, Twitter Trends opened up users to the wider world of Twitter activity. Yes, you probably tweeted about things that interested you and followed people with similar interests to you. Twitter Trends would show you results catered to those interests as well as things outside your own particular passion.

The new Tailored Trends narrows the search to much more local activity since it filters by your location and hides things from you that you don’t care about because it is only based on who you follow. This prevents internet marketers from extending their reach to users who are confined to local search results.

It is also slightly misleading to the user. It lets people think that their interests are much more important and relevant than they really are. Twitter is now simply showing you Trends that are exclusively what you were searching for without opening up the realm for a greater, more encompassing experience. The moral of the story: it might be in your best interest to turn off Tailored Trends to once again see what the Twitterverse has to offer.

What do you think about Twitter’s Tailored Trends?

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