Super Saturday: Marketing to Last-Minute Shoppers

super saturday shoppingAccording to the National Retail Federation, about 126 million people (53% of U.S. consumers) plan to shop on the Saturday before Christmas.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday get all the attention, but there is another big shopping day leading up to Christmas that brands must fully leverage to earn a greater share of the customer’s wallet – that day is Super Saturday.

Super Saturday is the last Saturday before the Christmas holiday (this year it’s December 22nd), and believe it or not, stores will be packed, e-commerce sites will be humming, and millions of last-minute shoppers will feel compelled to pull the trigger on those gifts they’ve been putting off for far too long. Let’s look at ways to boost sales and market to all the ‘11th-hour’ consumers this holiday season.

Be Conscious of the Date

With Super Saturday falling on the 22nd, it might be a bit tight for e-commerce sites to fulfill orders and ship product to consumer’s homes by Christmas Eve. Knowing this, the days leading up to Super Saturday will likely see incredible online traffic. Make sure you and your team are up to the challenge of taking care of a serious spike in sales from December 15-22.

E-commerce sites with physical locations should also be prepared for in-person shopping sees a major lift during the last weekend before Christmas.

Create Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting is a guiding strategy during the days leading up to Super Saturday. Retargeting presents shoppers with products, services, or brands they’ve shown interest in via past searches and attempt to gain their purchase right before the holidays.

Abandoned shopping cart rates are still quite high and consumers tend to convert a bit slower on mobile social shopping sites. However, undecided shoppers may take a stab at something they’ve viewed before versus spending time brainstorming new ideas. Though retargeting is just one piece of the puzzle, it’s an important one.

Get Social

The holidays are a big time for social media traffic. Not only are people looking at all of their family and friend’s holiday décor choices, winter travel photos, and ubiquitous Elf-on-the-Shelf posts, but they’re also using Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to search out gift ideas. Make use of this increased social traffic.

Create social reminders that lightheartedly point out that just because someone waits until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts, it doesn’t mean they are relegated to rummaging through the barren shelves in search of gifts. Take the opportunity to connect with your devoted procrastinators and place your brand in their path this Super Saturday.

Super Saturday is just a blink away, so do all you can to market to the last minute shoppers who can help propel your business into the new year with a bang.

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