Super Bowl ads

I am assuming that many people watched the Super Bowl yesterday.  Although my team was not one of the contenders, it was, in my opinion, one of the best Super Bowl games ever played.  However, I was more looking forward to the commercials.  As we know, the Super Bowl is the biggest television event of the year and companies get 30-second intervals to sell their product.  Cost of the ad?  $100,000 per second – ouch! I was curious about how many of the ads would lead the users to their website to finish the commercial.  I was surprised that not many did with the exceptions of, Jack in the Box and a few others. These commercials were designed to be cliff-hangers for the viewing audience and the conclusion is on their website.  Genius.

This has been a growing trend with advertisers in the past few years.  Advertisers are beginning to realize that the power of their website and internet marketing is now trumping all other forms of traditional media.  Why else would a company want to lead a viewer to their website?  Because companies realize that no matter how much information you can slam into a 30-second television spot, consumers will visit their website for more information.  If you can leave the audience wanting or have a cliffhanger end to the advertisement and the consumer visits your site, you have succeeded.  So in essence, the 30-second, $3M advertisement is more costly than that simply because your site must be ready to launch and direct the user to where you want them to go.  Any good internet marketing company will preach that the website must be used to capture leads and generate a positive ROI – or else what is the point of the site?  Advetisers who direct users to their site – either to finish a mundane cliffhanger story or find out a promotion code – understand the importance of the internet and how powerful it can be.

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