Stumble Around StumbleUpon And Their Newest Explore Box

StumbleUpon drives more than 50 percent of traffic from all top social media sites. It has become the most dominant source of traffic and beats Facebook and Twitter. This search engine service helps discover Web pages based on the researcher’s interests. StumbleUpon has 15 million users and its site traffic is continuously rising. Their newest beta feature called StumbleUpon Explore Box. This allows you to search a specific interest in the explore toolbar and discover related websites that has already been evaluated by “Stumblers”. This search box is located at the sub-section of the website.

How StumpleUpon Works
  • The service engine tries to recommend pages based on the number of similar users.
  •  Stumblers begin to edit their interests so they can browse through one interest at a time. This allows the site to appeal to specifically defined audience rather than a broad and general audience.
  • Websites can receive referrals. So StumbleUpon can play a significant role in a business’ social media strategy. It has durable value.

What Stumblers Can Look Forward To With The Explore Box

Even though StumbleUpon Explore has a search-like presentation, it doesn’t directly rank websites or goes through a full index of information. The service still caters to user’s interests that have already been added to their StumbleUpon profile. They are not technically introducing a search engine but expanding random information on topics of interest.

StumbleUpon is a growing influence in the social media world. It is making innovative moves and designing new features to make it appeal to businesses and individuals. Hopefully, in the near future, the Explore Box can be able to offer targeted advertising opportunities and can work out to the marketer’s advantage.

StumbleUpon is not like any other search engine. Browse through StumbleUpon and see if it accommodates your specific topics of interest.



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