STOP! Search Engine Time -MC Hammer Unveils Wiredoo

The man who brought you parachute pants, the one and only MC Hammer, is now bringing you a brand new search engine. MC Hammer unveiled Wiredoo, his latest venture yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

What separates Wiredoo from other search engines? It focuses on relational searches, which means if you search for parachute pants, it will not only show the pants, but also clothing materials, style advice, and more likely than not, a link to “U Can’t Touch This.”

While the website is not currently up and running, there is a sign up for testing when the beta version is released, which is sure to please techies and Hammer fans alike.

Will Wiredoo be able to compete with search engine powerhouses like Google and Yahoo? I foresee the response from Google and Yahoo being “you can’t touch this.”

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