[Video] Do Splash Pages Hurt Your SEO?

There are always two sides to the same coin and with Splash Pages there is no exception. Some people love them and others find them irritating. In any case, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using Splash pages. Find out what Benj Arriola, Vice President of SEO at IMI thinks about Splash pages and see if you agree.

Splash pages are used as introductory pages to your website. Many times these pages contain large images or animations. They are opening pages that a user sees prior to the display of a websites home page. There are many reasons why someone would want to use a splash page as well as some drawbacks.

Splash Pages are a great way to quickly grab the attention of a user. Due to the illustrative nature of these pages, with very little text, they are visually appealing and provide a glimpse into what the company offers. Designers like to use Splash pages because they can showcase their best work or present an advertisement they definitely want a visitor to see. They can also be utilized to direct visitors to the appropriate website for their language preference or could help to restrict access to a site that is only appropriate for a certain demographic to view.

The disadvantages to using an introductory splash page have to do with increased wait time because of slower load speeds. They are inconvenient for users that visit a website frequently because the user has to wait for the splash page to display before they can go to the page they want within the website. It is especially inconvenient for users with slow internet connections and from a search optimization perspective, splash pages created in Flash often cannot be accessed.

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