Social Networking up 83% in the US this Year

Social Networking and Social Media Marketing has taken the business world by storm this year. This is the new “IT” form of marketing and it is working extremely well. In April of 2009, people actually combined to spend 13.9 billion minutes on Facebook. That is incredible and a 700% increase over the previous year. Twitter grew 3700% year over year according to Nielsen. It will be interesting to see if  Twitter can maintain their growth rate or if it will start to die out like Myspace has over the last year.  Many companies post links to their Twitter and Facebook accounts on their home page but you almost never see companies link to a Myspace page anymore.  At Internet Marketing Inc, we are running alot of Facebook and Twitter campaigns for our clients. Twitter is working extremely well for our e-commerce clients. Check out some of these social networking stats below. For more information on running a social media marketing campaigns, check out


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