Social Media- Taking the World by Storm

Social Media is the future of Internet Advertising and the death of print and normal forms of advertising. I have been spending a lot of time researching all the new trends and learning them. I have been on Twitter for awhile but I have never really spent a lot of time seeing all that it can do. I spent about 6 hours this weekend on Twitter and now I understand why it is taking the social media world by storm. I found a lot of people in the SEO and Internet marketing world. I also found hundreds of respected entrepreneurs to follow and learn about their businesses and their tips. By following these people and sending interesting direct messages, I encouraged people to also follow me and learn more about Internet Marketing at the IMI Blog. In one weekend I went from 12 followers to now 515 followers in only 3 days. I have heard about people with 30,000 followers or more and they use Twitter not only as a self promotion tool, but also as a learning and sharing tool as well. I mentioned some clients and industries that I am looking to get into, and got 20-30 amazing responses from people int he Twitter community. Now I am looking into putting up a professional looking profile and seeing what else I can do on Twitter.  I have found the most successful social marketing tools for business to be Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Youtube. These sites are others like it will lead the new media revolution as we move forward.

Online Reputation management is also a major player in the social media world. Google alerts started it all so people could see where their company was mentioned on the web, but now people want to see all the places they are mentioned and monitor their reputation. they want to see any social bookmarks talking about them, videos, blogs, forums, etc. is one of the leading online reputation management softwares out there right now. Internet marketing companies e are forming entire divisions based on reputation management.

As the leader of an Internet Marketing Company, it is my job to know this stuff. Social media is changing everyday and it takes a lot of time and research to stay on top of all that is going on right now. If anyone knows of some good social media trade shows or seminars, please comment on the blog.


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