Social Media Spending will increase in 2010..Is your Brand social friendly?

Currently, as search engines such as Bing .com (Microsofts new and improved Search Engine) begin modifying their search engine results to include relevant Twitter pages in the results, social media presence becomes that much more important.

According to a recent research survey from eMarketer,  in July 2010 social media spending by businesses will increase 13% from its currents mark in 2009. Statistics listed below.

As we begin to see more businesses enter the social community landscapes  the keys to success will be critical. Keys to success for effective online social campaigns will include constant communication with your consumer, offering relevant and interesting content to fans (Facebook), followers (Twitter), and listening/responding to what your users are saying about your posts and brand.  With the above said, the most important thing to consider is can your business support and maintain a social media campaign.  If so, now is great time to build your presence. If not, now is a good time to look at options of how another resource can help you get there.

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