Social Media Presence on the Rise with Small Business

Just over a year ago I can remember people talking about what Social media was and how do they could dial into it. Now 5 months into 2009, everyone and their brother is on Twitter “tweeting” about what they are up to, on Facebook setting up a business listings or chatting with friends, or on LinkedIn finding colleagues or updating there personnel work profile. Social Media is becoming part of everything that is online.

Over the past few months small businesses have suddenly made a big splash on to the Social Media stage.  They are taking their swings with the bigger brands in creating an online social presence. Small businesses are seeing the benefits in reaching out to their customers and audience through social channels such as: LinkedIn, Myspace, and Facebook. According to a Sage Research study of Small Businesses on Social Networks, professional Social network sites such as LinkedIn accounted for over 50 percent of all activity for small businesses, followed by general social marketing sites including: myspace and facebook.  These social arenas have become the top mediums of choice for small businesses. One fact to keep in mind is there are over 25 million small businesses and only 250,000 are using Social platforms (according to the study), which makes up a small percentage of total businesses. With that said, less than a year ago those 250,000 small businesses had little to no social presence. So, even though the mass has not moved to Social platform, at least a small herd is moving in the right direction. Hopefully, the rest will follow.

The below statistics show the breakdown of Social Mediums used by Small Businesses

Types of Digital Social Media Used by Small Businesses in North America, March 2009 (% of respondents)

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