Social Media Optimization Done Right

There is a lot of “buzz” out there about social media optimization and how to properly implement it. This is an exciting way to expose a brand/product because it is viral which adds an interesting value that typical paid advertising does not. We do in fact live in a world centered around online social networks and that will most likely never change. This is of course opens great doors for supporting more traditional internet marketing campaigns and online media.

It is not quite as simple as it sounds. For a good social media optimization campaign to work you need to follow a few guidelines:

  • Be sure to understand (and follow) the “rules” of the social platforms you intend to use
  • Provide a true informational value-added experience
  • Offer real solutions and and FREE information/tools
  • Only up-sell, once you have established an information base that the community is responsive to
  • Use social media to promote product reviews but keep reviews honest and informative
  • Use social media to build a following through blogs, twitter, and email campaigns – don’t upsell in every communication

There are other things for an Internet marketing company to consider when implementing a social media campaign on behalf of a client. First, make sure you are really developing content that that community will respond to. Find out what they want and cater your campaign to meet those interests. Second, understand that different social media channels will render different results and levels of traffic “quality”. Some will provide more targeted traffic and some will provide more broad traffic. Third, keep in mind that a good social/viral campaign should ideally be supported by good search engine optimization. Two out of every three searches are prompted by some form of offline media. Therefore, if a campaign is growing by word of mouth and someone searches for you in Google and you don’t appear, you lost that lead. All forms of online marketing and offline marketing need to support one another.

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