Social Media & Link Building

So what does social media have to do with SEO anyway?  Other than being a fantastic way to build brand equity and communicate with current and potential customers, social media is an amazing compliment to search engine optimization.  SEO has a few crucial elements that affect both the on page and off page efforts. 

Two crucial elements:

  • Content
  • Link popularity

One of the best ways to address content development on your website is to have a blog.  Blogging is easy and a great way to add value for your visitors.  By next year approximately 70% of the “Internet population” will be engaged in user generated content such as blogs and social platforms. 

Hubspot recent did a great case study and compared about 700 companies that blog, to 700 companies that don’t.  The results were astounding!  Basically, of the companies reviewed, those that blog had 55% more unique visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed pages.  For example, Internet Marketing Inc’s website is about 97% blog.  Most corporate sites are fairly small and under 50 pages.  So why not build out the site continually with great industry related content?!  Your visitors will stay on your site longer and you are more likely to have advocates wirte about your brand and link to you. 

As for the off page SEO efforts, social media performs a similar function.  All of the great content and assets your brand has or can develop should be spread out across all of your online platforms.  The content should include blogs, articles, videos, whitepapers, case studies, etc.  The most great content you have, the more value you are providing your user base.  The greater the value, the more likely you are to gain links.

We recently ran a case study for one of our cleints, the US Army.  By using social media and SEO strategies over a 6 month period, the efforts resulted in about a 20% increase in unique visitors and time one site.  The return visitors increased and those that come through social platforms like Facebook averaged about 10 minutes per visit. 

In efforts to put all this together, we need to understand why link building is so difficult (Link building done the right way that is).  Its difficult because Google is getting smarter and better at recognizing quality links.  You can spin your wheels and shoot for specific numbers of links each month, but that strategy alone will not take your site to the next level.  You have to go after the RIGHT links.  In the end, you will get great links when you deserve great links.  That is why providing great content through social media channels and blogging is so important.

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