Social Media Leaders Speak at Social Fresh West Conference

The Doubletree by Hilton in Mission Valley was filled with social media thought leaders, marketers and leaders in the industry on August 22nd, 2013 for the Social Fresh WEST 2013 where we learned the secret weapon to social media success.  14% of attendees were an owner/partner and 11% came from Fortune 1000 companies. Internet Marketing Inc. was proud to sponsor the event and meet with thought leaders from HubSpot, Billboard, LinkedIn, Intuit, and more.

Here is a recap of Day 1:

The day began with fresh networking among attendees. To break the ice, attendees were told to break into groups of six, come up with a team name, and tweet multiple tasks throughout the day; such as posting an exhibitor feature on Instagram or Vine. Opening remarks from Social Fresh CEO Jason Keath began at noon, followed by Influencer Marketing Done Right by CC Chapman, author of Amazing Things Will Happen.  One of the key takeaways was that when participating in influencer research, the focus should not be on one’s Klout score, but rather their aggregated influence across the online world. He emphasized that building relationships between the influencers will make everyone happier in the end and to shine your light on all that is created. This meaning, if the influencer tweets, posts a blog, etc. about your product/service; don’t forget to share it on your social media sites too! Constant communication between you as an advertiser and the blogger will help keep the relationship growing.

Social Media Scientist from HubSpot, Dan Zarrella, took the stage next to present the Science of Lead Generation. Dan presented plenty of conversion data useful for any type of marketer. Things to note:

  • Social media & e-mail bring in almost equal amount of conversions (paid bringing in the most).
  • Including the word “Free” in your content will convert more times than without (17.5% vs. 16%).
  • Use of the “&” in subject lines will receive more clicks.
  • Including the e-mail receiver’s company name will increase the click-through-rate.
  • Send e-mail on the prospects schedule, not yours as an advertiser working 8-5.

case studyKatie Morse is the social lead at Billboard and presented about the “Content Dilemma: Where to Post What & Why.” With a brand that does much more than the Billboard Music Awards every spring, attendees were able to see how Katie manages 10 social media networks with 5+ million fans/followers. The key takeaway of her presentation referred to the decision-making process in which she recommends answering two questions:

  1. What is the content?
  2. What owned outpost does it best fit with? (Based on assets, analytics data, trends, and best practices).

She then went into a case study of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.  The results included in the case study showed the Billboard Music Awards as the most Shazamable TV award show, the #BBMA usage increased 170% from 2012 to 2013 according to Twitter, and the audience averaged 2,576 messages/minute.

Senior Manager, Content Marketing & Social at LinkedIn, Jason Miller, then took the stage to present “7 Badass Tactics for Slideshare Content Domination.”  Tactics include:

  1. Be the authority on your topic
  2. Meet the experts
  3. The visual is the new headline
  4. Focus on a design & tell a story
  5. Rev up the SEO for each presentation
  6. Integrate your presentations across multiple channels
  7. Repurpose for blogs, infographics, webinars, videos, and more

Senior Director of Strategy at ShopIgniter, Justin Kistner, began the last segment of the day about what converts in the news feed in relation to paid advertising on Facebook. He mainly emphasized the shift from desktop to mobile; stating, “It’s a mobile first world.”  Social optimized landing pages means they are optimized for native mobile apps and desktop, meaning they have a responsive design and fast loading times.  Most importantly, content should be synchronous among ads, posts, and landing pages, or 1:1:1. For companies with low social media budgets, Justin recommends just targeting those already connected to the page and nothing else. Also, try the creating a custom audience via the Power Editor using your e-mail database.

Paula Berg, Digital Media Lead at Linhart PR, took the stage next to tell attendees the secret to earning your fans’ love. She presented four case studies with the challenges they faced and solutions they came up with to achieve extraordinary results. Through influencer outreach, Paula was able to feature the styles of Crocs that many are unfamiliar with on high traffic blog sites, which helped get #crocstyle to trend on Twitter in the United States.  At the end of her presentation, she emphasized the importance of being able to find an emotional connection with what you are selling to overcome any challenge.

CS2Last but not least was Global Head of Social, Mobile, and Emerging Media at Intuit, Adrian Parker. Starting out his presentation with a great line, “In a perfect business world, all relationships would fit into a sales funnel.” He then went on to explain how putting a ring on it [proposing to his wife], is similar to the sales funnel; followed by how we should measure the ROI of each activity in the sales funnel.  Multi-Touch Attribution, used by only about 17% of companies, gives equal credit to all stages of pre-purchase (awareness, interest, and evaluation). Even with multi-touch attribution, the value of social and post-purchase interactions is discounted. In order to overcome this barrier, Adrian recommends we do the following:

  1. Think – About the systems used to track ROI and manage customer relations.
  2. Say – Monitor feedback with surveys.
  3. Do – Research about mixing your promotion in more than one area.
  4. Feel – Recommend that those who use your product/service write reviews and refer a friend.

That’s a wrap for Day 1 at Social Fresh West! If you were there, who did you think the most engaging speaker was? If you weren’t there, which speaker do you wish you could have seen present?

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