Social Media in the Sports World

With social media becoming such an integrated part of our lives, it was only a matter of time before the internet took over the sports world. An increasing number of sports fans are now consuming a majority of sports news and information from online sources, especially social media outlets. According to sources on the web, over 80% of sports fans check social media sites while watching events on tv, and over 60% check sites while at actual games. Along with checking stats, scores, news, etc., fans are also taking a huge liking to following players on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.  With the potential to reach millions of fans, athletes are taking to the internet to release special news, comment on certain happenings in the sports world, or to give people a view into the life of a professional athlete. KT Tape, a sports medicine company, put together this infographic showing professional athletes with the most Twitter followers.




As the NBA playoffs and summer Olympics in London approach quickly, internet marketing will be more present than ever in the sporting world as companies attempt to reach out to fans through newer, non-traditional avenues such as social media. The NBA has recently started Pinterest and Twitter accounts to allow fans to follow along and engage more with the teams that they love, while advertisers are relying heavily on social media to widen their brand following during the Olympics, by connecting fans with athletes. It will be interesting to see the affects of these marketing attempts over the next couple months within the sports industry.

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