Social Media Hard at Work

Everyone wants to know more about social media marketing and how to use it cost effectively to improve online brand exposure and develop creative marketing strategies.  Social media optimization can also be a powerful tool for improving natural/organic search engine results through continually creating more inbound links.

Here are some great examples of current social media campaigns we are doing and how simple efforts can have a huge impact.

Twitter Campaign

Services Performed:

  • Ongoing campaign on
  • Building brand identity
  • Building “followers”
  • Post comments and offerings on a regular basis

Social Media Marketing Example Result:

  • IMI posted a comment on about the website and provided a link
  • The comment prompted a user to follow the link and purchase flowers
  • The customer was so satisfied with the experience they then posted a comment about the website
  • The complimentary review spurred others to follow the link and purchase items!

“A Small World” Campaign

Services Performed:

  • Website development
  • Organic SEO
  • Running campaign on “A Small World”

Social Media Marketing Example Result:

  • IMI developed a profile and gained user following
  • IMI posted a comment on about the new homes for sale
  • The comment spurred multiple inquiries from investment groups and buyers
  • The leads were sent to the client
  • Interested investors flew from Europe to Mexico to visit the property

Social media marketing can of course be much more in depth than this as well as include very creative/specific marketing strategies.  These examples are meant to show how social marketing efforts can foster viral results that lead to actual sales!

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