Social Media: Gaining Acceptance

Here at IMI, we have been big proponents of using social media for all kinds of businesses. Social Media is not, and should not be exclusive to tech companies, and this can be seen by giants such as Starbucks, Whole Foods, and more. Social Media is the replacement of what PR and traditional marketing used to conduct, and as a result businesses are jumping on the bandwagon so they will not stay behind.

According to Business Journal, social media has begun to gain wide acceptance.

“More than two-thirds of those who responded to the most recently completed Business Pulse survey said they use sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for work.

About 12 percent said they use social media only for business. About 18 percent said they use it only for personal enjoyment.

Another 37 percent said they use the sites for both reasons.

About 11 percent said they have tried the sites but don’t use them while about 19 percent said they have never been to a social media site.”

These numbers keep changing daily.  Social Media is here to stay, but to be successful your business must have a clear cut plan of what it needs, what it wants, and what audience it is intending to rech out to.  Additionally, because running a social media campaign is a job in itself, many businesses cannot afford to hire a full time person to do an overwhelming task.  This is where hiring the right Social Media company comes into place.  They have the knowledge and expertise, and will assist you in obtaining what you need without breaking your bank account.

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