Social Media for Luxury Brands

Social media marketing experts would all agree that no two social media campaigns are alike.  Many are similiar and use the standard Facebook/Twitter foundations of course, but the strategies and target audiences are usually different.  The most effective viral marketing campaigns start with extensive research and planning.  Any good social media marketing company will help you plan for success by researching the online space to see how and where you need to position your products and services. 

But what if you need to tackle very high-end luxury brands or want super elite networking opportunities?  Are Facebook and Twitter going to provide a solution to these needs…probably not.  Below are three of the top social networks that happen to be “invite only” and are home to top business leaders, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and influences in entertainment, media, fashion, sports, finance and international business.

A Small World (

This site is growing enormously and has members such entrepreneurs, business leaders, etc.  Over 65% of the members live in Europe and over 10,000 are business owners and CEOs.  Members use the site for everything from networking and business transactions, to event planning and random acts of kindness.

Decayenne (

This is another great elite social network with members having an average age of 33 and many have masters level educations.  The key areas of profession are finance and banking.  Members cover Europe, USA, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.  Members exchange business ideas, engage in lucrative transactions, get married, and buy and sell real estate.

Qube (

This site was originally developed by a luxury lifestyles group and members come from across the glode.  Many reside in European countries.  The sites hosts a wide array of user-generated conversations on topics including business, travel, charity, real estate and more.  Business is the most popular forum where members seek to do deals and post various needs such as website designers and real estate joint ventures.

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