Social Media for everyone

Not too long ago, the internet was not something your parents dabbled with except to send e-mails and maybe do a little shopping. Now, parents and adults are coming online for a different reason. It’s pretty apparent Social Media has and still is becoming a dominant way of communication between people. Notice that I didn’t say kids or young professionals – but people. I say this because adults – now more than ever – are starting to invade the social media forum. They are realizing that joining a site is not rocket science and it’s quite fun to connect with friends from years ago and see what’s happening in their worlds. One research company recently polled that 35% of online adults have at least 1 profile on a social networking site (Pew Internet & American Life Project). Sites like Facebook and Myspace have seen an influx of adults recently and advertisers and internet marketing companies need to be aware of this. They should really start to cater their campaigns differently – to encompass a broader age group. New companies that never thought of advertising before on these sites may suddenly see an edge in putting up a few banners and tracking the success rate. The actual sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and etc, may have a shelf-life, but there is something to learn. The Internet is becoming more user friendly and more adults are coming to realize that they can start to take advantage of these social media sites.

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