Social Gaming Now On Google+

As of August 11th, Google+ has introduced games to its social networking site in attempts to add another dynamic element to sharing with friends.  This announcement also comes as a first effort to battle one of the most popular features within Facebook that is set to generate around $1 billion in website advertising revenue for 2011.

The search engine company will begin by offering 16 games including the very popular Angry Birds, Zombie Lane and Zynga Poker with other titles like FarmVille coming soon.  Users of Google+ will now be able to share on another level with the ability to update with friends, join leaderboards, brag about high scores, invite others or just ignore social gaming all together and focusing on other Google+ applications.

The Google+ games page will be  for the user that wants to improve their scores or share with friends.  As with most Google projects, Google+ games will be constantly updated and improved using user feedback.  With more new game titles coming out soon, Google+ should be a viable alternative for social network gaming for years to come.


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