So your visitor registered – now what?

We all know that the online space has impacted industries – both in a positive and negative way. The real estate market, I feel, has benefited on the whole. People from all over the world can view your home for sale and if they so choose, can buy it. However, with the recent credit crunch and housing market, home sales are not what they used to be. Too often in the real estate market, you will hear an in-house sales agent at a condominium building state “ya – she registered but it wasn’t a good lead.” This is a common and easy response from an agent when asked why he or she has not closed an internet lead. However, the key statement in that sentence was “lead.” Unless the lead is spam, the person who registered through the condo website is an interested buyer in the project. This is not a lead that comes in the door of the sales office, per say, and says – “I want to buy a unit” – but nevertheless, this is a lead. Internet leads can take on average 6 months to close. That’s a huge time frame but still it is a lead. For a condo website, an Internet marketing company will work hard to create a website that is search engine friendly and that will also encompass many calls to action. When done right, these calls to action will generate leads for a sales person. These leads should not and can not be taken for granted – especially in this market. These internet marketing firms will also recommend a solid pay-per-click and search engine optimization campaign that will help with the generation of leads. One of my clients said that a lead they received 8 months ago finally closed. Real estate leads may be few and far between these days but every lead should be consistently followed up with and incubated for one day, down the road, that potential lead may convert into a sale.

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