So easy, a 94 year-old can do it

I was in Washington DC for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving Thursday also happened to be my 29th birthday. Yes, our family and friends celebrated the traditional Wampanoag and Pilgrim’s week-long feast that happened not so long ago in conjunction with my birthday. It was quite lovely. As we were preparing dinner, I called my grandfather to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving and for him to wish me a happy birthday. Yes – I called him to be wished a happy birthday – I’m not vain :). You’re probably thinking that I called him from a phone. Well sort of. I called him on Skype. I called him over the computer and we were able to speak and see each other perfectly fine. We spoke and I told him all about the Internet marketing company I am involved with as well as what I’m doing in San Diego. I briefly went over the services that Internet Marketing Inc offers. The crazy thing was that he understood what I was talking about. He was eager to know more about the search engine optimization process and what the difference was between paid ads and organic results. I finally got off the phone with my grandfather and I was pretty shocked that a 94 year-old man could easily use Skype and also comprehend the basics of SEO and PPC. It was a pretty incredible experience and I’m sure he’s going to have more questions and I’m more than happy to speak to him – especially something I’m so passionate about.

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