Snapchat’s New Update is #Winning

Snapchat is a hot place for people and brands to share fun updates throughout their day with friends. And Millenials are loving it more and more. One of the best features of Snapchat is it’s all in the moment content, so you users see the “real deal” vs. filters or edits like on other social media platforms. This is a great platform for brands to show themselves in an authentic light and relate with their audience. And now with the latest feature, it is making the platform even more fun and entertaining.

Snapchat’s latest release offers new “lenses” that animate Selfie Snaps. Watch our video below for a demonstration:

As a digital marketing agency, we initially think about how any update might impact a brand’s usage of the app. We expect to see a lot of companies showing their cool side by using lenses on the people in their snaps. For those brands who do a lot of events, it is a great way to take a snap of influencers, celebrities, or spokespeople and make your snap just a little more fun!

Here’s an example of New York Fashion using the new fun lenses with a model getting ready for the Michael Kors show:


With a new lens being added every day, it incentivizes users to come back daily and check out how they are being used. It also adds a little fun to the “selfie” game that Snapchat has become oh so popular for.

What do you think of the new lenses? Will you be using them to add a little wackiness and spice to your Snaps?



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