Snapchat Marketing for Businesses

SnapchatMarketingThe moment Instagram announced their new algorithm for “optimizing” users’ newsfeeds, everyone jumped ship and upped their Snapchat game. After recently attending Social Media Marketing World 2016 here in San Diego, I can certainly tell you that Snapchat is the new “thing.” Why wouldn’t it be? With over 100 million daily active users and 400 million snaps a day, Snapchat was crowned as one of the fastest-growing social networks around. With that being said, the majority of the audience are millennials, the up and coming generation that we want to reach and build loyalty to our brands now.

How can you begin using Snapchat as part of your social marketing efforts? Check out the details below to help you understand the platform better.

Make It Simple

Creating a username that is easy and simple to search. Snapchat doesn’t verify if the username you’re searching to add is really the right one, so the easier you make it, the better.

Get Creative

Snapchat targets FOMO (fear of missing out) at its best, only allowing users to see snaps and stories in 24 hours—which means you better check your snaps every hour or you’re going to miss out. This allows brands to get creative and engage with users on the daily with moving stories. Do something out of the ordinary; host a Snapchat Q & A, feature your favorite fan snap, ask fans for ideas on new product features, the ideas are endless!

Use The Filters

Brands can have a lot of fun by purchasing filters for brick and mortar stores, special events hosted or special occasions. Users LOVE using filters. Why not receive more brand awareness by sponsoring a filter?

Engage Consistently

Keep your fans involved and engaged by asking them for feedback or hosting a contest/giveaway. The best part is that they won’t be able to see all the entries submitted so you can easily migrate them over to another platform by saying, “Wow! Thank you for all the entries so far! There are so many snaps coming through it’s getting hard to keep up. Use the hashtag #MoreThanMarketing on Twitter or Instagram to continue entering the giveaway!” Fans don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to win an awesome prize, so they’ll head over to Twitter and/or Instagram and begin entering there.

Show Your Fans Some Love

If you are a smaller business, add your fans back on Snapchat! That way you can make them feel special and you can both send each other personal snaps that will foster higher brand loyalty. For bigger brands, it’s not as great of an idea because you’ll have so many friends that it will slow down your Snapchat trying to load all the snaps and stories.



Now that we have ideas rolling on how we can create remarkable content for our Snapchat audiences, here’s the real question: how do we measure how well we’re doing? Although it may not yet be available for us to see how much traffic the platform is driving to our websites, or how many leads we’re generating from Snapchat, we can see how much of an experiential impact we’re making for our fans.

Measuring KPIs on Snapchat is tricky as a brand has 24 hours to write down how much engagement went on with their stories from the day before. Check out the three key performance indicators below that we can track and why we want to track them.

How we measure KPIs on Snapchat?

Screenshots. When fans take a screen shot of something you posted that means that your content was interesting enough for them to save for later or to screen shot and share with friends.

Full-story views. The purpose of Snapchat is to narrate our fascinating stories on Snapchat to keep the attention of our fans. If fans are falling off and swiping out of our story only after only watching the first two snaps, then we know that we aren’t creating stories that are compelling enough and we need to switch up our strategy—stat!

Number of views. Take notice of how much your average number of views fluctuate over time. Our goal is to increase the number of impressions so that we’re exposed to more eyeballs. If we’re getting 1K views this month and continue getting 1K views after 6 months, then there’s absolutely room for improvement. Our new goal will be to get 5K views in the next few months which means we’re getting more Snapchat fans and more interest in our brand.

Snapchat allows a brand to engage so much more with fans than any other platform, and the creativity is limitless. Remember, Snapchat appeals to FOMO, and lets a brand reach users on a more personal level with the ability to send them snaps. What are your thoughts on Snapchat marketing for businesses?

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