Internet Marketing Inc Takeaways from SMX East

A week after speaking at SMX East in New York City these are my reflections on the conference:

  • There were a lot of the same faces from other Internet Marketing conferences such as PubCon & SMX Advanced.
  • I thought there would be more corporations and neophytes to Internet Marketing at the conference than there were.
  • Weather was extremely warm the first couple days in New York City as it was similar to that in San Diego.
  • Less than half the attendees were at the last day of sessions on Wednesday which I felt were the best to attend.
  • The best part of conferences is not necessarily the sessions themselves but the networking after and talks during such as the extensive conversations I had with Stephan Spencer of NetConcepts.

I was also appreciative of all the live bloggers covering my session on Google Android Monday October 9th such as Bruce Clay, Outspoken Media, 10e20, &  SEO Roundtable, as well WebProNews for the interview below:

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