Where There Is Smoke, There Is Wildfire!

Wildfire is a social media management platform originally specializing in campaigns and contest promotions. In July of 2012, Wildfire was bought by Google for $250 million. Today, Wildfire is a fully integrated social platform that simplifies the process of launching customized content and campaigns for businesses.

Main features of Wildfire include:

  • WildfireCustomized Pages & Templates
  • Ad Services
  • Campaign Promotions
  • Messaging & Content Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring Competitors

What Are Pages?

Unlike other social platforms, Wildfire enables users to create custom landing pages and promotions that can be published across social networks. There are a variety of templates to choose from, or users have the option to create their own. The templates can be filtered by business goals so that each page is consistent with the desired end result. If a business lacks a creative department to build a custom design, they have the option to utilize the Wildfire creative team. They’ll be able to assist with both the design and launch of the campaign. IMI’s social media team’s favorite feature with custom pages is the ability to perfectly display a page across all screen variations, including desktop, tablet, and mobile devices!

How Does the Ad Service Work?

Wildfire’s advertisement team develops ads that are in line with business goals. Their team of ad specialists test different ad versions to see which ones perform the best. They can test up to hundreds of ads at once.

What Types of Promotions Can Wildfire Create?

You can create customizable sweepstakes, contests, and campaigns for your business using Wildfire’s promotions platform. In addition, users can collect user generated content by hosting a photo, video, or essay contest. Wildfire simplifies the process of hosting campaigns to different social networks.

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How does messaging work?

Similar to other CMS platforms, users can post content to social networks or schedule posts in advance. In addition, users also have the option to target messages to people by age, gender, interested in, relationship status, countries, and language. This way if a company has a product, such as women’s shoes, they can limit the audience by targeting that message only to women. Furthermore, users can utilize the batch uploader to upload messages to social networks in bulk rather than scheduling posts individually–saving you time and energy.

What is special about the Analytics?

Since Wildfire is owned by Google, Wildfire integrates Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager into its metrics. Users can track campaigns easily and more efficiently as well as see which specific posts are performing well. With other platforms, you have to add a tracking code to the link in order to analyze that post’s performance. However, Wildfire automatically tracks links with its link shortener and allows you to see inside Google Analytics the exact post that was scheduled to a specific social network. Now, users can have a better understanding of which types of content drive people to the website or result in conversions. In addition, users have the option to build custom reports with the Wildfire report builder.

How does Monitoring help compare your competitors?

The competitor comparison tool known as Monitoring is a free tool that enables businesses to see how they rank on social media against their competition. With the full version of Wildfire, businesses can save the report and subscribe for regular updates to see how their social media efforts are performing against your competition.
Wildfire is still relatively new to the market. However, the simplicity of the platform and the ease of managing an entire social campaign is very beneficial. From developing a landing page, to launching the ads, to scheduling messages to brand pages and measuring the results with analytics, Wildfire enables companies to view the entire process and success of the campaign.

Learn more about Wildfire in this introductory video.

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