Smart, Organic Content Prevails Once Again

Advertisers will find it a little harder to reach consumers with their sem services. In conjunction with the introduction of Search Plus by Google earlier this year, the ability of users to block sites from their search results was discontinued. Listed in search results was an option to “block all” from a specific site. The feature was introduced last year, originally intended to create a more personalized and enjoyable experience. Pay Per Click Ad, or others paid search results, for higher visibility among their target audiences.

This year, with the introduction of Search Plus, the option was removed. While Google released a statement shortly thereafter indicating that it was a bug associated with the launch, they maintain that the ability to block results will return, though unclear about when.

However, users can still block sites showing up in paid ad results, whether or not they are signed in to their Google account.









As these changes and methods are introduced in order to personalize results, the best way to reach a target audience is by organic seo or a search engine optimization agency. Smart content and targeted keywords ensure your target audience will be reached, without relying on paid ads.


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