Sitelinks Expanded in Google For User Benefit

Sitelinks have helped users navigate through websites more easily with specified links to different pages on a site. Users searching with both long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords enjoy the benefit of sitelinks because they provide the most relevant parts to the site.

So what about the changes? Google understands how valuable sitelinks have been, so their continued improvements now make them more valuable than ever. There is now double the amount of links—from 8 to 12—arranged in a column of links beneath the main URL. The biggest change to the links is that they have actually become fully developed links, with one line of snippet text, which makes it even easier for users to find the sitelink most relevant to their search query.

Google is also improving their algorithm by combing their sitelink ranking with regular result ranking to customize a higher quality list of links. These improvements now make Google searches even more comprehensive and navigable.  So, what does this mean for you? Well, for starters this means that you should improve the meta title and description of your site links to ensure that you can capture visits to your website right away. Make sure to re-optimize pages on your website that are site-linked to make the most of this update.

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