Siri: Apple's New Personal Assistant

What is Siri?
Siri is Apple’s new voice search assistant that is included with the new IPhone 4s. One of the only advantages to having the Android was being able to do voice commands, but now this feature is available on the IPhone. All you do is press a button, voice a command, and the phone does the rest for you. If you have a question, you can ask your phone and it will speak the answer to you. If you need to send a text message you can simply voice whom you would like to send the message too, what you would like the message to say, and then your phone will do the rest for you.

There were a few key reasons why customers would turn to the Android as opposed to the iPhone.

1.Google Voice Actions

2. GPS Navigation

3. Google Voice

4. 4G Speed.

The IPhone does not include all of these features; it still remains a 3g phone and is yet to add turn-by-turn gps. However the new Siri voice commands puts up a fight for why you should get this new phone.

Google Voice vs. Siri

Google Voice actions allows for the creation of text messages and emails, get navigation directions, call a contact, view a map of a particular area, write a note, play music, and perform a web search. You can also search for and call a business in one step and it can be used to open a web page. However with Google Voice, you have to know the exact command to ask.

With Siri you don’t have to memorize a set of commands, you can use natural language. Siri can understand questions even when they are asked in a variety of ways. This speech engine can work with conversational language, so it is as if you are speaking with an actual person.


Siri and Artificial Intelligence

Siri uses high-level artificial intelligence, which allows it to offer more value in a natural way so that it is extremely user friendly. It can schedule a new event for you, first checking your calendar to make sure that there are no conflicting events, and then creating your appointment. You can tell Siri when to wake you up in the morning, you can ask the local time in a given location, you can set task reminders, or simply say remind me to wash the dishes in 10 minutes. Pretty neat technology! I know those in the office love using it so far. What is your opinion of Siri?


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