Simpler And More Powerful Remarketing With Google Analytics

Many companies and websites run pay per click (PPC) marketing campaigns in order to increase the sales of their products and services. PPC can be one of the most valuable ways to reach new customers and turning these potential customers into conversions.

One of the best ways to increase your conversions is to run remarketing campaigns to users who have previously viewed your website. By doing so you will be exposing these customers to your company or products again, by targeting them with relevant advertisements when they visit other website on the Google Display Network. Therefore if someone visits your site without making a purchase or converting in some form, you can reconnect with these customers as they browse other sites by displaying compelling messages or special offers. Many of the best internet marketing companies are capable of doing this through in-house advanced analytics to help facilitate remarketing efforts, and Google AdWords released a feature in May allowing Webmasters and self-marketed companies to put a line of code on their site to pull visitors into lists for remarketing purposes.


Remarketing Just Got Better

Since then Google has announced a new feature to make remarketing even simpler and more powerful. Google Analytics announced that its tracking code will allow AdWords customers to create remarketing lists based on Google Analytics information. In addition to this, the feature is based on using the Google Analytics code on their website to facilitate this remarketing feature rather than adding remarketing tags like the previous program required. This feature will be rolling out in phases by the end of the summer to Google Analytics users. In order to take advantage of this you must be the account administrator on at least one linked Google AdWords account, so make sure to link your Analytics and AdWords accounts. Once you have access to this new feature you will see the new Remarketing Lists tab as shown below.

This feature will allow advertisers to combine data from Google Analytics with their remarketing campaigns to make their campaigns more effective, precise, and refined. Examples of this would include allowing advertisers to incorporate data from the users visit duration, location, and the internet browser or operating system the site visitor is using to maximize the potential of remarketing campaigns.

What You Need To Do

In order to allow for this new feature you will need to take a few steps and make a simple adjustment to the Google Analytics code. Only one change needs to be made to the Google Analytics code making it a very easy modification for any Webmaster. However, before updating the code you must:

From there you can then go in and modify your Google Analytics tracking code by making simple revisions to one part of this. To do so you need to look for the following line:

ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://ssl’ : ‘http://www’) + ‘’;

And replaced it with

ga.src = (‘https:’ == document.location.protocol ? ‘https://’ : ‘http://’) + ‘’;

It’s that simple. After making these changes you will be able to take advantage of the new remarketing platform offered by the combination of the two Google products. The change in the code will allow Google Analytics to collect data from the DoubleClick cookie, which enables remarketing for Google AdWords and the Google Display Network. Also it is important to note that the remarketing list created will be shared with one AdWords account, and you will need to recreate this list to share it with multiple AdWords accounts.

Wrapping It Up

This is a great option for Internet marketers and companies to use the remarketing feature of AdWords without making multiple code changes. Also incorporating Analytics data will make the remarketing efforts even more effective and refined in a simple process. This could be the start of a trend in using Google Analytics with additional Google products to make them more comprehensive. Google Analytics is installed on over 10 million websites making it a great feature for anyone who wants to use this new feature on their websites. Let us know your thoughts on this and the future of remarketing.




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