Should Pinterest Be Your Next Big Social Media Driver?

With so much buzz about the hot new trend of “pinning”, we as an internet marketing company should ask ourselves if we should jump on the bandwagon too. Pinterest, an online bulletin board used to organize and share your favorite images, is beginning to drive a noteworthy amount of traffic (more than Youtube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined) and therefore should not be overlooked by marketing companies.


What’s It To Your Business

At 3.3 million active users, Pinterest is growing at an exponential rate, which like any other social media platform, has the opportunity for content to go viral. In order for this to happen, the image must be eye-catching enough to cause the user to stop and “pin” that picture to their preferred board – which organizes their images into categories such as “Products I Like” or “Travel and Places.”  This means honeymooners for example could be browsing the site and pinning tropical locations that look of interest to them; this could also mean great news for resorts in such locations. Once an image is pinned, the user’s followers have the opportunity to comment, like, or re-pin it to one of their boards. That is why business owners should consider creating a Pinterest profile as soon as possible.

How To Get Started

Once you go through the login process of creating a Pinterest profile, we recommend posting images of your company’s top products, but without being too promotional. Since Pinterest is still in its adoption phase, users won’t pay much attention to images if they appear more like an advertisement rather than something fun and cool they want to pin and share.  If your business is in the food industry, try posting an image of a yummy looking entrée or dessert.  This should grab people’s attention enough to click on the image, then if they like the description, they’ll re-pin it and it will be shared to their circle of followers. Since our main goal is to drive traffic to your business website, remember to always have a link back to your site within the image description.

How To Avoid Being Too Promotional

First and foremost, start up your Pinterest profile as if it was you pinning the images on your own free time. By this we mean, have fun with it. Pin images that relate to your company’s industry that are eye-catching and maybe even a bit humorous. This will grab your followers’ attention and they will see that you’re not just posting your company’s products, but interested in sharing other content. Then begin to build your brand’s page by creating a board for your products. For an internet advertising agency this could mean creating an image that conveys a new link building strategy for example, which may have to put your creative thinking on point, but experiment with it and use your website analytics to see what is driving the most traffic.

We would love to hear what your ideas are for how you will be starting up your businesses Pinterest profile; share with us in the comment section.

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