Shopify Plus Launchpad Is a Holiday Gift to E-Commerce

how shopify plus launchpad presents opportunities to e-commerce retailersThe Shopify Plus platform is designed to help promote and scale growth for fast-growing, e-commerce brands. With this multi-functional platform comes free apps that automate tasks, notifications, and campaigns, which gives retailers more time to focus on product development, marketing optimization, and other strategies to further their brand expansion.

One app included in the Shopify Plus suite of tools and resources is Launchpad. The Launchpad app allows e-commerce brands to easily adjust and roll out timely campaigns, which is especially beneficial during the holiday season.

There are numerous ways to use the app to support holiday-specific campaigns, but three of the most popular tactics include: flash sales, new product releases, and seasonal campaigns. Let’s take a quick look at these different sales strategies and how to optimize them best during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Flash Sale for Cyber Monday

In the eyes of e-commerce, Cyber Monday is like the Super Bowl of shopping for e-commerce. It’s a day retailers prepare for weeks in advance to ensure they are competitive with the millions of other vendors and brands selling their goods. It’s safe to say nearly everyone is shopping online these days, so retailers must be ready too.

What is your big deal of the day? Is it free shipping, free product, or a heavy discount? Will you have more than one sale? As an example, with Launchpad, you can automatically set up scripts to give free shipping when a customer spends over $100. Once you’ve decided what you’ll use to entice online shoppers to buy, make sure the messaging aligns across your other marketing channels as well, including email and social media campaigns. Get shoppers excited about the special day launch of your flash sale.

New, End-Of-The-Year Product Release

Have a new product ready to launch just in time for the high shopping season? You’ll want to track the success of the rollout through its different phases. While there will be more eyes on the Internet ready to shop during this time, there will also be more competition with regards to consumer spending and general attention span.

However, if you want to track the release of your new product separate from the rest of your inventory, you can do this through Launchpad. Schedule a specific event to release your new product and track the influx of these sales in real-time. This landing page can be used for a campaign that is specific to the product release and ads driving directly to that campaign.

Seasonal Campaigns to Meet Shopper Demand

Similarly to how you would launch a new product release, you can launch a temporary campaign with its own lander to drive traffic from paid and/or social ads. For example, if you want to run a campaign with products that are part of a holiday gift guide, simply schedule the start and end date to run from Cyber Monday to Christmas Day.

The allure of this setup is that the process is automated through Launchpad and will run through the length of the campaign without the need for tedious, manual tasks to enable setup or launch. This concept can then be repurposed for post-holiday campaigns, Valentine’s Day campaigns, and any other holiday or special occasion that makes sense for your brand. Automation at its finest means you can meet the demands of shoppers for every season, easily and effectively.

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