How-To Set Up Facebook Business Manager

Kelsey_BlogLast month, Facebook announced Business Manager, a tool to help employees manage multiple Facebook pages and ad accounts in a streamlined manner, without connecting their personal Facebook profile. Facebook’s new Business Manager has a use for three distinct groups: Businesses of all sizes, agencies and app developers.

From a business’s perspective, Business Manager will keep your work and personal activity separate. No more having to friend your boss on Facebook in order to manage your company page; Business Manager allows you to collaborate with your coworkers with all notifications sent to your work email instead of your personal email. From an agencies perspective, project managers can easily access clients’ Facebook assets. No more waiting 24 hours to create an ad account; request access to clients’ Pages, ad accounts and apps right from Business Manager. Another plus is complete transparency to who has access to what assets, with the option to add or remove people with just the click of a button.

Whether you are working brand or agency side, follow the steps below to setup Facebook Business Manager for you and your employees. Facebook recommends the employee currently responsible for managing your company’s primary Facebook page initially sets up Business Manager. You will be able to add as many employees as needed once it is set up.


In order to complete the setup, you will need access to your primary Facebook page, business info (list of ad account numbers and names of Pages), as well as your employee email addresses.


Choose whether you are representing an agency, an advertiser (business), or an app developer and let Facebook know your estimated amount of managers and assets.


Enter the name of your business, or agency, and select your primary Facebook page.


Enter your name and business email address. Note that nothing from your personal Facebook profile will be shown in Business Manager to your business’s/agency’s employees.

Now that you have successfully created Business Manager for your company, follow the steps below to add people, pages and ad accounts.


  • Add New Person on top-right
  • Enter employee email addresses, using commas to separate multiple (we suggest adding as Business Manager Employee)
  • Assign employee Pages to work on & choose a role
  • Assign employee Ad Accounts to work on & choose a role


  • Click Add New Page on top-right
  • Request access to a Page (do this if you are an agency and page belongs to client) OR Claim a Page for my Business Manager (do this if the page was created by another company for you)
  • Type in Page name, and then select the role you need on the Page. Click to Request Access/Claim Page; if you are already a Page Admin, access will automatically be approved


  • Click Add New Ad Account on top-right
    • Create new ad account
    • Claim ad ad account for my Business Manager (do this if you are a business that has setup an ad account in the past  through Facebook Global Marketing Solutions team; will need ad ID)
      • You can find your ad account ID by going to your Facebook Ads Manager and clicking All Accounts View
  • Request access to another business’s ad account (do this if you are an agency & will be advertising on their behalf)
    • Notify client to sign into ads account and go to Settings to accept request to manage ad account
    • *Note you will only be able to edit the Payment Method if you are an Ad Account Admin

Here at IMI, we love the new streamlined way of managing our client accounts. Feel the same way? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of Facebook’s new Business Manager!


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