The Service that Never Sleeps: Corporate Twitter Accounts That Work Around the Clock

Social media is 24/7. You could check any social site at any hour of the day and read new information. We’ve gotten used to the Internet always being awake. That means we’ve gotten used to getting information whenever when we want it – and now, that includes getting customer service whenever we want it.

It just doesn’t cut it to spend an hour on the phone trying to get in touch with a representative anymore. Now, customers are taking to Twitter to voice their opinions – and send them directly to the source.

32% of top brands have dedicated customer service accounts on Twitter. Here are some examples of the ones that do it right.

Warby Parker

If you haven’t tried Warby Parker, a friend probably has. And if a friend hasn’t, a friend of a friend probably has. It’s a trendy, semi-hipster service that allows free in-home trials of different eyeglasses. Plus, it’s super affordable compared to the usual price of glasses (Warby Parker’s are around $100).

But when it comes to an online-only service, you’re going to get pushback. Shipping questions, service complaints – the usual. Warby Parker’s Twitter account does a great job of responding to all comments, good and bad.

What makes their account admirable? They give real answers to problems. No guesswork, just straight-up solutions.

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When food is involved, people get passionate. Chipotle, one of the most popular fast-food joints, has countless locations across the world – which makes for a lot of customers with a lot of questions.

What makes their account admirable? Most complaints from customers are things that can’t be fixed easily, but that doesn’t stop the food chain from responding and engaging in lengthy conversations to try and leave that customer feeling satisfied.

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Verizon Support

Image 7Our tech services cause some of the biggest headaches. And when you’re one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, like Verizon is, those headaches are voiced all day, every day. Since Verizon offers multiple services like FiOS TV and Internet that are relatively new, they get a bunch of different complaints and questions.

What makes their account admirable? It follows up conversations with actual directions – something you would only expect to get if you were to call customer service. And according to a survey by Conversocial, Verizon deflects the fewest amount of tweeters to phone/email customer service, which leads to a higher amount of issues resolved in one interaction.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue ranks among one of the best customer service Twitter accounts, which is especially important since airlines are among some of the most hated businesses. Late flights. Unexpected fees. Cancelled flights. A lot can go wrong, which is why Jet Blue is constantly responding to tweets.

What makes their account admirable? Jet Blue responds to every complaint or concern – and even goes above and beyond a simple “thank you,” to show they appreciate their customers.

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The interactions these companies have with their customers are honest, genuine and, most importantly, direct. Hopefully other companies will follow in their tweet-steps.


Alexis Caffrey is a freelance writer with a focus on technology, new media, and design. In a former life she was a graphic designer based out of New York, NY. She actively (some would say obsessively) follows entertainment news and pop culture. You can reach Alex via her email.


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