Here at Internet Marketing Inc. the majority of our clients engage our company to perform a combination of organic Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Marketing. We are a full scale Internet Marketing company. For SEO, it takes usually a minimum of 6 months to start seeing significant results. During those 6 months, our clients use paid search marketing to achieve immediate results. Here are some of the advantages of paid search over organic search:

1. Immediate Results

2. Geo-Targeting– You can target cities, states, and countries for your search terms

3. Phrase match– It is easy to ranking for variations of search terms

4. Hourly and Daily Targeting– You can choose to run the campaign at certain times. For example, if no conversions happen after 7 pm or on the weekends, you can choose not to run your campaign at those times

5. PPC helps you understand where and when your customers are coming from

Some Disadvantages Include:

1. It is expensive

2. Competitors bid up the price over time

3. You will always have to pay for it

4. Click fraud still happens sometimes

With Organic Search Engine Optimization, we offer a combination of services to help our clients achieve results. The process includes changing site structure, adding unique content, internal linking, external linking, blogging, forum posts, directory submissions, and more. We typically get significant results within 6 months. The advantages of organic SEO include:

1. Constant rankings-Ads will always show up

2. Organic Results receive 80% more click throuhs than PPC

3. Helps control costs– Over time you can drop the PPC spend when organic rankings show up

4. Promotes long term growth and health of a website

The only disadvantage to organic SEO is that once you get to page 1, you have to keep doing SEO in order to stay there, however it is a lot less expensive than consistently running PPC ads.

We always reccomend a combination of SEO and SEM to our clients. Ask us for more information today

-Brandon Fishman

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