SEO Valentines Hookup

SEO Valentines Hookup

SEO Boy: Alone? Your friends 404?
SEO Girl: Yeah, they all bounced with their dates.

SEO Boy: Bounced? May I have this time on site with you?
SEO Girl: Maybe, I don’t know you. You’re all (not provided).

SEO Boy: Just concentrate on my landing page, you’ll get an idea of my not provided words.
SEO Girl: Well you do look like someone with some good conversions *blushes*

SEO Boy: Your conversion looks good yourself. If I were Google, you’d be #1 for “Hottie” with a Knowledge Graph!
SEO Girl: Haha! So where you from Mr. SEO? What brings you to this side of the SERPs?

SEO Boy: I’m from,73.94W but it’s been cold lately. I was drawn to your geo-targeted location.
SEO Girl: You make my heart flutter like a hummingbird.

SEO Boy: Don’t know about hummingbirds but I know Pandas are after you ‘coz you’re over optimized for “Gorgeous!” Just picture yourself… see the hot Alt Tags? Is my link velocity going to fast? Can we 301 somewhere and link up?
SEO Girl: Haha you’re on-page is really funny. I think I might just take on your off-site proposal. I am ready to take it to the rel=”next” level. It’s Valentine’s and I know we’re really going to 302, not a 301.

Happy Valentine’s Day SEO people!

Thanks to SEO Ryan Gosling for inspiration and ideas! Pixton is awesome too!

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