SEO Predictions for 2015

Nearly four months into the new year and we have already began to notice changes that are very well shaping the SEO and content marketing predictions for the remainder of the year.

With that being said, here are my predictions for what will happen in SEO, Content, and the internet marketing world for the rest of the year.

Mobile Will Continue To Grow

Everyone in the industry should be aware of this by now. IMI’s Director of SEO Heather Molina published a post about this very topic earlier this year. It’s the year of mobile; there will surely be more mobile browsers than desktop browsers any day now. Google has made their position on this shift very well known. If your site is still not mobile friendly…then Godspeed to you.

Google will continue with the trend of providing Knowledge Graphs and Instant Answers to keep searches on

To the displeasure of many SEOs, Google will continue to expand upon its knowledge graph and instant answers technology. Google has shown its power to basically cut out online SEO-and-Content-Predictionstool vendors by providing their own tool within the search engine results pages (SERPs) such as calculators, timers, answers to questions, etc. They continue to expand upon this technology with more advanced knowledge graphs such as the carousel that you see when you search for best restaurants in a given area. I expect Google will continue on with this trend and soon you will be able to book a flight or schedule a reservation at your favorite dining establishment without ever leaving the SERPs.

Understanding your audience will be more important than ever

Data and audience insights allow you to be better connected and better understand your audience. Competition in just about every industry has grown, so SEOs need to take the time to really determine what our audiences are looking for and have that backed by research and data. We need to understand what connects with them, what causes them to interact with the brand, and overall what causes them to make a purchase. Once we understand this we will be able to better deploy a content marketing strategy that directly targets these consumers with the end result of increasing our performance metrics across the board.  SEOs will need to understand the competitors in the space, know what they are doing right and taking that information and improving upon it, but also know what they are doing wrong and learning from it. It’s these audience and social landscapes that will help SEOs take their clients to the next level in 2015.

You will see the first major non-profit University in the US to offer a degree in internet marketing

You already see internet marketing degrees being offered by schools like Fullsail and University of Phoenix, but I suspect by the end of the year you will see non-profit universities start to offer these degrees as well. More and more schools, especially on the west coast, are starting to offer internet marketing classes, so I expect the evolution to continue to a full on degree. LinkedIn even listed SEO as a top 5 skill of people that get hired in their annual survey this year. It’s fairly obvious that colleges will start to catch on.

Content will continue to be king

OK, I know everyone is probably tired of hearing this, but it’s true, in 2015 you will continue to hear that content is king. Focusing on link earning rather than link building is at an all-time high. With link building practices becoming so dangerous it’s more important than ever to be building content that is highly sharable and likable via influencers and social media. Unique, rich content will continue to thrive and the people out there who are producing this highly sharable content will be rewarded.

You will start to see more traffic from Bing and Yahoo.

Google has constantly maintained around 70 percent or more market share of all search queries year after year. I believe that will not change drastically, but we will see an increase in traffic from Yahoo and Bing in the first half of 2015. Because Yahoo is now the default search engine in Firefox, and when Microsoft releases its new browser totally throwing away Internet Explorer and building a new one, people will test it out and for sure the default search engine will be Bing. But during this period, if Yahoo and Bing do not do a good job in pleasing the audience, I foresee people purposely changing the default search engine to Google by the second half of 2015. In fact, Google has already started to plead with Firefox users to change their default search engine back to Google noted here.

You’ll see less focus on keyword rankings and more focus on metrics that actually matter

This has already been a long time goal for many SEOs even earlier than 2014, but it is still taking a while to get all kinds of SEO clients to really listen. Revenue, conversions and traffic from organic search are typically better metrics to look at since they can prove success more where the client is getting their money’s worth. Although better ranking should lead to better traffic, conversions and revenue, focusing on a small set of keywords to monitor ranking does not give the complete picture and monitoring ranking for a very large set is impractical due to technical difficulties.

Google’s indexation of Twitter will continue to grow and affect search queries

As most of you have probably heard by now Google is indexing tweets at an exponential rate. This will continue to grow dramatically in 2015 and will start to affect search queries. You will certainly start to see a higher percentage of hashtags, tweets, and Twitter profiles within the SERPs by years end.

Promoted Pins will start to make Pinterest a juggernaut in the Social Media world

Pinterest has been booming in the social media world. Just this January they opened their first ad platform and it has already been predicted that 50 million dollars will be spent on ads within Pinterest this year. This will most certainly have an impact on marketers and consumers in 2015 particularly for e-commerce related websites. If you’re an e-commerce website and don’t have Pinterest in your 2015 marketing plan I suggest you hop on board.

Based off of what this year has brought so far, those are my SEO predictions for the rest of 2015. Agree? Disagree? Have predictions of your own? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Jocelyn

    You mentioned that content is king but you did not mention what kind of content. You mentioned link earning but you did not say anything about how to earn a link. Could you please write a full article about this topic?


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