SEO Optimize Your Press Release

Companies have been sending out press releases for over 100 years, but very few companies actually optimize their press release for the search engines. By embedding keywords into properly written press releases it can have a huge positive impact on your search engine rankings. If for example one of our clients is sending out a release on the San Diego Condo market, the term “San Diego Condo” should be coded and linked within the release to go back to the San Diego Condo page of By doing this, each time a blogger or media outlet picks up the release they have a much stronger chance of linking back to the site and creating a positive SEO impact. You can only have about 1 coded link per every 100 words in the press release or it will be seen as spam.

We use prweb for almost every release because they have a huge reach and their press releases are always accepted by Google News. Pr Newswire is another very popular one. There are new sites popping up each week as I just read about which offeres SEO optimized releases for only $6 while some of the other sites are $200 to $400 for each release.

I reccomend you consult with your current Internet Marketing Company to make sure that all of your future press releases can undergo SEO work before they are sent out. Many existing public relations firms do not know how to do this and they don’t do it which is why it is very important to use a skilled Internet Marketing firm to help you get this done properly.


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