SEO Industry Updates – April 2019

seo industry updates

SEO Tips For Boosting LinkedIn Company Pages

How to increase your company’s visibility on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn recently provided a set of SEO best practices to help companies optimize their profile pages. While most optimization is focused on company websites, LinkedIn also allows their pages to be crawled for search results which provides an extra opportunity to be visible to potential clients looking for services or prospective employees.

Key Takeaways:

According to LinkedIn, it is important to make sure that the following aspects of your profile are properly filled out. Filling as many fields in their entirety provides the best chance for appearing prominently in search:

  • Cohesive Branding – Ensure that your logo & banner images are consistent with the rest of your social media profiles & website. Maintaining consistent branding will help visitors identify you easier across your online profiles.
  • Strong “About Us” Section – Instead of just writing a brief description, make sure that your about us section provides a full overview of what your company provides. Paired with keyword research, focusing on the mission of your company, what sets you apart from the competition, & the services or products that you provide can give the best chance for appearing for terms around your business.
  • Create Shareable Content – LinkedIn rewards consistent activity with more visibility on their feed. Updating your page regularly with content from blogs or updates from team members provides value to followers of your brand & provides the opportunity for more engagement & sharing from followers.
  • Link to Your Website – Making sure that you have a link to your website will allow your brand to capture audiences & inform them further about your services & products as well as contacting your company.
  • Highlight Specialty Services – LinkedIn also offers areas of profile where you can highlight the specific services that you provide. Be sure to create information around these & place them on your page to showcase your areas of expertise.


Android  Has More Detailed Search Results

Google Assistant returns with more detailed search results.


The Google Assistant on Android devices has recently updated to show visual responses for more complete information to present to users. Now when answering your query, Google Assistant will return answers accompanied by visuals, in a format similar to what you would see in a Google Search Result.

With this new update, users will see less empty screen space within returning search results. Rather than displaying results in a horizontal carousel, Google Assistant will display results vertically in a similar format of Google Search Results.

This update is currently only rolling out on Android phones, but an IOS version is expected to be not far behind.

Key Takeaways:

  • The goal behind this Android update is to provide better visual responses with more complete information at a glance.
  • In addition to the new interface, users will also gain access to tools like the tip calculator, metronome music pacer, and bubble level.
  • For some question responses, Google Assistant might show links to a variety of sources, giving the user a full set of search results from the web.
  • This update is only rolling out on Android phones, at this time.


Google Testing a GoogleBot That Renders More Content

Modern web apps Google may be able to fully crawl.


DeepCrawl recently discovered that Google is currently testing a GoogleBot that will render the web just like a Chrome browser, and Google developer Martin Splitt has confirmed the test. Since we knew that Google was looking to improve GoogleBot’s ability to render web pages using advanced JavaScript, this can also support the fact that this test is in progress.

If GoogleBot is able to render web pages similar to a modern browser, digital marketing experts can leave their worries behind when building modern web apps. Now these web apps won’t need workarounds, like dynamic rendering, to get the content crawled, indexed, and ranked well in Google Search.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new GoogleBot will render the web like a moder Chrome browser.
  • This GoogleBot test has been confirmed by Google developer, Martin Splitt.
  • If this new GoogleBot is able to render web pages like a browser, SEOs, publishers, content producers, and other digital marketing experts won’t have to worry about building modern web apps.


SEO for the Holidays

More traffic and rankings are available during the holiday season


Statista stated that online sales in the US for 2018 were 7.9 billion on Cyber Monday and 6.2 billion on Black Friday. With numbers this high it is essential that we do our job as SEO marketers here are six easy steps, we can follow to create the impact we need this holiday season.

  • Plan In creating a plan, you need to review the previous year’s data.  Make sure leading up to the holiday season you have content that is relevant to the season which can help increase traffic through rankings. Review previous years product and landing pages to see which brought traffic to the site. Look at reusing old content, but make sure to review it and make it relevant to the current year.
  • Promote – After a plan, collaborate with other departments; social, paid, and creative to produce collateral and promotion items to help enhance your efforts. Whether it be through a Facebook ad or adding your link in an email, all channels are useful in improving your plan to succeed.
  • Technical – To keep a user from having a bad experience make sure your site has the proper infrastructure to handle the increase in site traffic. Load time for pages needs to be fast, have a backup plan for when products are sold out, keep page redirect links to a minimum and make sure structured data is in place.
  • Check out / Buying Process – Shopping online is at an all-time high because it allows the user to save money and time with just a click of a few buttons. When a customer is going to checkout they don’t want to sit and wait, so make sure that the checkout process is smooth. Allow the customers to add to the cart and remove from the cart in one step. Don’t redirect them to numerous pages. Make it a process that makes them want to come back and not regret buying.
  • Internal and External Links Links are features that sometimes get underutilized. During this holiday season check your page and content to see what kind of internal links you are using. Internal links are a great way to provide users with new information about a service or product and sometimes to show them new content. After you check internal links, see if there is a way to get some external links. Great way to do this is finding influencers or known bloggers to mention your content with a link. With links, you can redirect users to information that is more relevant to them.
  • Analyze the plan – Be sure to have  KPIs and metrics in place that you want to measure. Then compare the data to the previous year to see what content made an impact, what links were useful and what keywords most commonly used. When the next holiday season comes up this data will help you formulate a plan that is sure to help organic traffic.  

Key Takeaways:

As SEO experts our clients look to us to be prepared for each season. They look to us to optimize their accounts, provide relevant content and keep them educated on new trends and techniques to use with their campaigns. During this holiday season and throughout the year using these six steps above: plan, promote, have technical SEO in place, have a smooth checkout process, use internal and external links and once the season is over have KPIs and metrics in place to measure. Doing all this is sure to bring you and your client lots of holiday cheer this year.

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